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What if you were eight years old and determined to go to college?  What if you entered a contest, sponsored by your favorite cereal, to attend college for free?  What if you won, much to the chagrin of your befuddled parents?


You would be Saskia.


Saskia, Age 8, Goes to College is a whimsical look at campus life, as seen through the eyes of a somewhat precocious and innocent eight year old girl. It also tells the story of how one little girl develops a strategy for coping with homesickness. Above all, it is a light-hearted celebration of diversity, filled with characters of different races, nationalities, abilities, height, girth and even levels of cleanliness!    


Whether you are eight, eighteen or eighty, this book should be added to your collection of favorite bedtime stories – although it is perfectly acceptable to read Saskia, Age 8 during the daytime as well.   


10% of the sales proceeds are being donated to Chisuk Emuna congregation.   


Saskia, Age 8, Goes to College

Rosie Paul Press

© 2013, Carl Shuman.

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